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Terrier breeds tend to have coarse fur which lends itself to being stripped with finger and thumb once the coat is ready or "blown". This normally has to take place 3-4 times a year to give the new coat time to grow through. An old coat will be itchy and uncomfortable and by stripping it out this will ensure the dog remains waterproofed in all weather conditions.


How do I know when my terrier is ready for stripping? When his outer coat is falling out or can easily be plucked away as it will only be held in by the very tip of the hair root.


Does it hurt the dog? No not if the coat is ready to be stripped. The sensation will be similar to being tickled. Most dogs enjoy the procedure and some even start to snooze! Sometimes older dogs of 10 years and above develop sensitivity to being stripped and an alternative method of clipping can be assumed at this time. However, if clipped regularly the dog's coat will lose its coarse texture and become softer over time therefore not lending itself to being stripped again.


Big and Bold


All Labradoodles, Labradors and Giant Schnauzers sized dogs are welcome.

Tiny and Tough


All sizes are catered for even the smallest can be spruced up to show their true mettle!

Spruce Up Service


Just need a quick tidy for that special function? Trim round face, feet and clip back those pesky nails? We offer a Spruce Up Service at any time.


Puppy Cut


Not everyone wants to have a grown up cut on their puppy. Our experience ensures we can offer a long cut to keep your puppy looking cute and shaggy for a bit longer!

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